The 45 best wedding venues in Seattle

Choosing the best wedding and elopement venues near Seattle is an impossible task! And it is entirely arbitrary as Seattle has some amazing options. So, I listed the places I love the most. I ended up with 45 killer locations for weddings and elopements. I’m going to share a few photos and thoughts and well as some general information about some of my very favorite locations. It should get you started with ideas for planning your celebration.

My criteria for choosing is based on locations that I personally have photographed amazing weddings at. I love weddings that are unique and heartfelt, so my hope is that all of these venues are just that. I’ll include a little bit about what makes these venues so special to me. These are ranked in no particular order; they are not the best wedding venues nor are they the only great wedding venues in Seattle. Also, take note, I have included a few hidden gems that often aren’t advertised as well as some awesome elopement locations that are easy to get to from Seattle. In 2020 it seems that elopements are the way to go!

I have also included a section of some of the best wedding venues in Leavenworth Washington. Leavenworth is one of my favorite places to photograph so I thought it would be a niece addition.

My favorite venues

#1 Roche Harbor Resort

Sunset at Roche Harbor.
What I love

Roche Harbor Resort on the San Juan Islands is without question one of the best wedding locations in Washington State. It’s remote, beautiful, has wonderful food and accommodations for guests are only a short walk away. It is a mini destination wedding paradise! It is a fabulous location for wedding photos! Can you tell that I love Roche Harbor?!


It takes a lot of time and logistics to get there from Seattle.
On busy summer weekends it can be pretty packed. It may cost a little to have your wedding vendors make the trek to San Juan Island.

#2 Olympic Rooftop Pavilion

A wedding at Olympic Rooftop Pavilion.
A gay couple during their Hotel Ballard wedding.
What I love

The Olympic Rooftop Pavilion is a unique and rare wedding gem in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Ballard is an active and fun neighborhood but has a shortage of good places for weddings. The Pavilion steps up with world-class food and one of a kind Ballard views. Want to grab a cocktail with your fiancé before your ceremony? Ballard has that. Want to go explore in a relaxed city environment? Ballard has that. Want to stay in the penthouse just feet from your ceremony location? Ballard has that.


You have to love Ballard and great food. If you do, this is a great choice! There are not many other hotels around so it can be very crowded with all the other wedding parties getting ready on weekends.

#3 MV Skansonia

A gay couple during their wedding at Skansonia.
The view of downtown Seattle from Skansonia wedding venue.
What I love

The view! It has to be the best wedding view in Seattle, hands down. Is there a better way to show off the city to out of town wedding guests? It’s also under new management and as of summer 2019 the food is on point! I also consider this view to be one of the best backdrops for pictures.


It’s a bit of a quirky venue with lots of potential. I’m excited to see what changes with there new and well-regarded management by The Ruins.

#4 Sodo Park

Sodo Park wedding venue
What I love

This is a beautiful space with a reputation of great food and service. It is a wonderful option for large urban weddings. It can be wonderful as is or it can be transformed into many different looks!


It’s a big space! Maybe that is a plus also? On hot summer days it can get pretty warm inside, so plan accordingly.

#5 Center for Urban Horticulture

UW center for urban horticulture wedding venue
What I love

They have a secluded meadow that is great for being in nature! This is a rare thing in the city. It’s a great option for melding city and nature. It also can accommodate a variety of wedding sizes. Go take a look for your self!


Their indoor space is not great aesthetically. It can be made better by draping it with curtains.

#6 Chateau Lil

Chateau Lil wedding venue near Seattle
What I love

This is absolutely one of the best venues in Woodinville and the greater Seattle area. The building looks like something out of French wine country and their back yard garden is epic epic epic and has class and style written all over it. I just heard they have a major expansion in the works. I wonder what awesomeness awaits?


Depending on the size of your wedding it can be a little small. But wait, they are adding to the building? 🙂

#7 Rosario – Orcas Island

Rosario Resort wedding venue
What I love

Space! If you compare wedding at Rosario to a wedding at Roche Harbor, Rosario has a very spacious and open feel. And you are on the water with a lot of great locations around for your ceremony. It’s great!


The indoor reception locations can be a bit generic. Put some thought into decor.

Indoor venues

#8 The Golf Club at Newcastle

#9 Seabrook Townhall

#10 Experience Music Project

#11 PanPacific Hotel Seattle

#12 Hotel Sorento

#13 Museum of Glass – Tacoma

#31 Salish Lodge and Spa

What I love

Salish Lodge is a classic and beautiful wedding venue with wonderful views of a breathtaking waterfall! It’s well suited for weddings up to 125 people. They have both indoor and outdoor options for the ceremony and wedding reception. It is also a popular place for elopements!


It can be very busy, it’s a really popular destination for tourism. There are better places nearby for a quiet and intimate elopement.

#14 The Woodmark Hotel & Spa

What I love

This is a classic and beautiful wedding venue on the banks of Lake Washington! It has the elegance of the east side and Bellevue with a little more of a laid back nature like Seattle. It is still a very formal wedding venue that is well suited to more formal weddings.


It can be a little stuffy and overly formal. To have an outside area it is best to use a tent.

Outdoor venues

#15 Tin Roof Barn

#16 Lake Wilderness Lodge

#17 Woodinville Lavander

#18 Black Diamond Gardens

#19 Beau Lodge

#20 Kiana Lodge

#21 Hamilton Viewpoint Park

#22 Maroni Meadows

#23 Edgewater Hotel

#24 Motif Seattle

#25 Alderbrook Resort

Alderbrook Resort wedding venue
Alderbrook Resort wedding venue
What I love

It takes a bit of time to get here, but once you arrive there is no place better to be. On the water with boats and ocean air, it really is a resort!


It takes some time to get here. The indoor locations are lackluster and perhaps a bit generic.

#26 Jardin del Sol

Jardin del Sol - one of the best outdoor wedding venues in Seattle.
What I love

It’s a beautiful garden location! If you have dreamed of a backyard wedding location up-leveled, this is the spot!


No good indoor location. A tent is the option for rain.

10 small wedding venues

#27 Hotel Max – Seattle

#28 Mkt. – Seattle

#29 The Edgewater Place – Olympic Peninsula

#30 The Rolling Huts – Winthrop Washington

#31 Franklin Falls – near Seattle

#32 Gold Creek Pond – near Seattle

#33 Parsons Gardens – Seattle

#34 Victorian Valley Chapel – Orcas Island

#35 Sole Repair Shop – Capitol Hill Seattle

#36 Red Rabbit Farm – Orcas Island

Red Rabbit Farm - Orcas Island wedding venue
What I love

If you love the ocean but also love meadows, nature and great food this is a hidden gem! Farm to table style food, and an outdoor ceremony location in a meadow with a view of the ocean behind. Epic. Certainly one of the best!


Small indoor wedding venue space that is not suitable for a full-size wedding. It would not work well on a rainy day.

Leavenworth wedding venues

Leavenworth is a bustling Bavarian-themed town tucked away at the foot of the mountains a 3-hour drive from Seattle. It is epically beautiful and hosts some of the best rock climbing in the country. It is a popular wedding destination for it’s relaxed and festive atmosphere.

Riverside vacation home wedding.
Riverside Vacation home.

#37 Riverside Vacation Home

#38 Sleeping Lady Resort

#39 Silvara Cellars

#40 Icicle Village Resort

#41 Run of the River Inn

#42 Pine River Ranch B&B and Wedding Destination

#43 Beecher Hill House

#44 Mountain Springs Lodge

#45 Sleeping Lady

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Dear Lucas, Thank you for making us readers understand that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder through your photographs. You have highlighted every venue so beautifully through the eyes of your camera and the short extracts you have given for each picture. Capturing that very special moment that every couple would want to complete their day of love is your talent.

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