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A listing of Journal posts by  Seattle wedding photographer Lucas Mobley.  Lucas is an award winning Seattle photographer with over 12 years experience. His background is in photojournalism and hestrives to capture real moments.

Lucas’ style as a photographer

Lucas started out as a newspaper photographer in 1999. Later, he attended Ohio University, a top photojournalism school. He spent several years as a staff photographer at newspapers. And later on, he founded his wedding photography business in Seattle in 2006.  Now, his approach to photography is about capturing real moments and emotion.  He strives to capture authentic moments.  The best way to capture authentic moments is for Lucas to get to know his clients.  If each photography session is about having fun and connecting,  thus images are much more real!

It turns out, not many photographers take the time to get to know their clients.  And it’s a critical part of the photography process.  Now, many of my past clients end up being good friends!