Best of 2014

Some years choosing my “favorite” images seems straightforward, but this year it took me some time. In fact, I’m not even sure I like the word “favorite.” It seems like such a limited way to judge the merit of a photo. To me, a photo is a reflection of time, a slice of a dream, a record of a moment gone by. Each tells a story of both me and my subject. The very slice of time that I chose to capture is a mirror of what I find meaningful in life. My choice of shooting from close or far shows my interpretation of that moment and conveys a feeling of connection or distance. But to my subjects, a strong image brings back many of the same feelings that they felt in the fraction of a moment that it was captured. That’s a powerful thing. From my point of view, there are no bad moments and no perfect moments. Just moments. Each instant has its own feeling of joy or excitement, tension, anticipation and so on. Each is beautiful on its own merits.

Leaving all of that philosophy aside, I’ve picked out a selection of images with strong feelings of emotion and connection to the subject. There are plenty of images of the natural beauty we are surrounded by in the Pacific Northwest, and others that are simply pretty.

Thank you to all of the people who allowed my into their lives to photograph these moments, and to all of the people outside of the frame who made each image possible.

My work was featured by quite a few blogs and magazines. Check out a few of my favorite features below.

Rachel and Jimmy’s first look on Moment Junkie
An article I wrote on same-sex weddings was featured on The Photo Brigade.
Rachel & Jimmy’s wedding in the woods was on Rangefinder.
Mike & Ed’s urban wedding was on Seattle Bride Magazine.
John & Amber’s Pacific Northwest beach wedding on Budget Savvy Bride.
Chris & Amber’s Lake Union floating home wedding was on Ever Ours.
Mike & Ed’s West Seattle engagement was on Junebugs 2014 Best Engagement Photos.
This rad barn inspiration shoot was on Rustic Wedding Chic.


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Some really nice moments here, Lucas! So great!

A stunning year it was. Bravo.

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