Rachel & Jimmy // Under a mossy tree

When Rachel and Jimmy first came by my showroom to talk about photography, we didn’t exactly stay on subject. 4 hours later we had talked about life, love, happiness, death and everything in-between. Rachel and Jimmy are two people who light up a room when they enter it. It’s truly a joy to see them together.

Their ceremony was planned for a stunning family property nestled beside the Hood Canal. The forested property ended at a cliff overlooking the beach, but luckily there was a gondola down to the beach. We planned for Jimmy to wait for Rachel at the bottom so they could spend some time together before the ceremony. Ben and I waited with Jimmy as Rachel descended down the gondola. Jimmy looked as though seconds were turning into hours…as soon as the gondola was at the bottom, Rachel broke into a full run. One of the best parts of photographing Rachel and Jimmy is that they don’t hide their emotions. What they are feeling seems to be written all over their faces in capitol letters.

The wedding ceremony was nestled between ferns and towering trees, a short walk from the home where Rachel grew up. With the help of a bow, Jimmy had hung a chandelier from the mossy tree where the ceremony was set. Their words were heartfelt and emotional, as friends gathered around holding hands.

Afterwords guests set up tents to get ready for a night of fun…and crowd surfing!

Flowers- Carrie Rivers (Bremerton)
Chandelier -Carrie and Jimmy (hung via bow and arrow by Jimmy)
Hair- Judy Bowlby
Food- Snuffins catering
Cupcakes- made by Rachel’s cousin
DJ- Skip Erickson
Dress- Allure, Pearls & Lace
Suit- John Varvatos, Nordstrom



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