Portland tintype photography – Sunroom Analog

A bit over a year ago my partner Kathryn and I undertook the monumental challenge of teaching ourselves the 1851 art of tintype photography. Now we are super excited to announce Sunroom Analog, a Portland and Seattle tintype photography studio. We offer a modern take on the 1851 art of wet plate collodion tintype photography. We are super excited about this chemical photographic process! It brings photography back to the feelings of being real, tangible and authentic. It is awesome to be creating images that should last the better part of 200 years. Creating one of a kind artwork that blows away any digital version of it feeds our souls. The past year has been full of so much learning and adventure. You can read the whole story of how we learned tintype photography here.

Moving forward, we booth are still shooting lots of weddings in Seattle. We have been in Seattle in our Sprinter almost every week this summer! We will be offering occasional tintype pop-up events in Seattle. Our next one is scheduled for Sept. 20th-22nd of 2019. We are also focusing energy on growing Sunroom Analog in Portland. If you or your friends are in or are passing through Portland, drop us a line or book a slot online at our Portland tintype photography studio.

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