Nathan & Tyrone // Rooftop wedding in Seattle

The way two people look at each other says volumes.  It’s that sparkle in their eyes.  It’s that knowing glance at each other.  It’s the little gestures and whispers.  Nathan and Tyrone do all of those.  It’s heart warming spending time with people when they are so full of love and affection for each other.  From a photographer’s perspective, you can’t fake chemistry and authentic connection.  Working with couples who are head-over-heels for each other is the only way to capture real moments like these.

In images and life, there is no substitute for authenticity. After Nathan and Tyrone were pronounced married they were surrounded by friends hugging, kissing and congratulating them.

Nathan and Tyrone love their friends and they wanted to make their celebration about bring the people they care about together and treating them to a unique experience. Great food and rooftop Seattle views are great for that!

They enlisted some amazing folks to help!

Wedding Planner – Megan of Prive Events
Flowers – Natalie of Ginger Bee Events
DJ – DJ Gumbeaux of Magnolia Rhapsody
2nd photographer – Kathryn of Atlas & Elia

Check them out featured in Rangefinder here!


“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise; seek what they sought.”
― Bashō Matsuo

This is absolutely beautiful. I just followed a link from the Mastin Labs page to here. Looking for inspiration for my website. So good!

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