Photography is learning to see.

Business is learning to listen.

The biggest mistake most photographers make is thinking the success of their business has anything to do with their photography.

photographer mentoring sessions by lucas mobley


Lucas Mobley has owned and managed a photography studio in Seattle since 2006. He has learned his approach to business, marketing and branding from personal experience.

Prior to opening his business, he earned a degree in photojournalism from Ohio University and worked at newspapers across the states.

Now, being a professional photographer is more competitive then any time in history. Photography can still be a viable business but the bar for
success is extremely high.


It can be mind-spinning and intimidating to start a photography business. If you make it past the first year or two of hurdles, things don't necessarily get easier. There are countless ways that we can become pulled in conflicting directions and lose momentum.

I'm here to help. When I think back to the start of my business in Seattle, it feels like a lifetime ago. The amount of practical experience and knowledge I have accumulated could fill a book. Most of my knowledge is based on first hand experience, trial and error.

I'm here to save you some sweat and tears. Let's spend some quality time talking photography, life and business. In my world, it's all the same subject.

What we will cover

•Photography - what parts of photography are tripping you up?
•Photographing clients - the process of getting past posing.
• Live shoot - we can shoot with a real couple and I'll walk you through my process of capturing real moments.
•Photography workflow - this is where most businesses go wrong.
•Gear - how to do more with less.
•Branding - defining who you are so your business becomes a reflection of your deeper self.
•Marketing - photography is not really about photography.
•Legal business structures. Sole proprietor vs LLC vs SCorp.
•Taxes - no one wants to think about these...
• Anything else that you would like to cover.

How it works

Everyone is different and our sticking points are unique to us. So, our lesson plan will be tailored to you.

After we schedule a date, I'll send you questions to clarify what you are hoping to learn. I'll also familiarize myself with your website and portfolio.

2 hour in person sessions are $500. If things are going well but there are a few areas that are slowing you down, this is a good option.

4 hour sessions are $900. With this option we will have more time to go into depth. Often, a full portfolio critique is a good use of part of this time. We will finish off our time with a headshot session to give you a new portrait for your website.

7 hour sessions are $1500. This option will give us enough time to go into depth, critique your portfolio, and to do a live shoot in Seattle. It also includes a new headshot.