“Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the voice within yourself.  Your body and mind will become clear and you will realize the unity of all things.”  ― Dogen

“The journey itself is my home.” To the open road! After ten years on a quiet street in Lower Queen Anne, I moved out of my live / work apartment and cl READ MORE Amy & Charles // Floating into this moment Seattle in summer is a sight to behold. We joke that we should keep this quiet and let people think it rains here all th READ MORE Laura & Jason // Clouds and passion in the mountains Laura and Jason have been friends for several years now. They are full of life, intelligence and mischief.  I've watched... READ MORE Andrew & Mallory // Elopement in Sedona Many say the red rocks of Sedona have a voice. Some people hear it whisper with the wind, sometimes it is loud, sometime... READ MORE Catherine & Livingston // Spinning over the ocean It's truly fun to photograph couples who are clearly in love. Catherine, Livingston and I spent an afternoon dodging rai READ MORE Ryter & Elisa // City style in the mountains Elisa and Ryter carry a bright youthful energy that is wonderful to be around.  When we first met we spent some time tal... READ MORE Holly & Kristian // Love by the water Time has flown by this year like a shooting star. I've been excited for Holly and Kristian's wedding since they asked me READ MORE Krista & Paul // Misty Mount Baker Engagement I grew up hiking in the mountains of northern California with my dad and brother. Many of my oldest memories are of that READ MORE Dorcas & Ram // Mountain Elopement Dorcas & Ram are two sincere and caring people. The honest intention and passion they have for each other was amazin... READ MORE Jenny & Cliff // Mountain wonder When I was a kid, my family took vacations in the North Cascades.  I have dear memories of fly fishing in tiny tiny moun... READ MORE
My Story

Great photography is the feeling of mist kissing your face on the bow of a boat, it is the sparkling eyes of the partner you love with every cell of of your being, it is the fresh wind at sunset. It is a form of mindfulness and a process of existing in each moment as fully as possible. Photography is a way of sharing the feelings and textures of life with others.