Jenny & Cliff // Mountain wonder

When I was a kid, my family took vacations in the North Cascades.  I have dear memories of fly fishing in tiny tiny mountain streams, feasting on wild blueberries, watching roaming bears come far to close and the feel of cool summer rain. The mountains are a big part of why I moved to Seattle 10 years ago.  This past year I was able to shoot in the mountains a lot. I can not get over the beauty we are surrounded by in Washington.  Words fall far short of describing the silent wonder of watching the last rays of sun dance atop Mount Rainier.

With Jenny and Cliff, we had one of the best evenings of light that I have photographed in. Simply epic. The fun, love and silliness they share is wonderfull to witness. Watching them together, the are so in sync with each other.

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“Come, butterfly
It’s late-
We’ve miles to go together.”
-Matsuo Bashō

Where is this located? Beautiful photos!!

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