Photography is about living in this moment.

It is the feeling of mist kissing your face on the bow of a boat, it is the sparkling eyes of the partner you love with every cell of of your being, it is the fresh wind at sunset.  It is a form of mindfulness and a process of existing in each moment as fully as possible.  Photography is a way of sharing the feelings and textures of life with others.

Why I'm a photographer

Here we are, hurtling through space on this rock called Earth and in the middle of all that, you found someone you really love! So much so that you want to spend your life with them. Now, you are looking for someone who will use a camera to paint with light to capture a reflection of the love you feel for each other. That is truly profound.

It matters to me that my photos capture the way only you hold your partner's hand, and the unique way you smile at each other, and that laugh that only he makes you have.  Great photography takes a commitment from both of us to open ourselves to each other. It starts with us being willing to step out of our bubbles of comfort and to connect with each other in a real way.  Getting to know each other is the first step in capturing truthful moments and great photos.  

I photographed football games in the midwest, walked into wildfires in California, and witnessed everything in between as a staff photojournalist at newspapers around the states. I have photographed weddings across the country and abroad since 2006. My editorial work has been published in Men's Vogue, Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, USA Today, and the LA Times, to name a few.

My wedding work has been featured extensively; scroll down for a list.

Send me a note; I would love to hear about you and your plans. I am based in Seattle and would love to talk with you over a cocktail or via Facetime.  

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