The art of wet plate collodion (tintype) photography is part chemistry, part improvisation, part psychology and a little bit photography.

“It is a lot of alchemy, It is s lot of magic, complete, absolute magic. You are turning light and silver onto an image on a piece of glass, which is sand.” -Luther Gerlach

What is tintype photography?

Tintype photography is one of the oldest types of photography and one of the most unique. The process was invented in 1851!

Basically, the photographer uses a chemical process to make a piece of glass or metal into a light sensitive piece of "film". A large format view camera is used to make a single exposure.

The resulting image is magic. It is a one-of-a-kind and has no duplicate. Any description I write will not do the magic of this process justice.

What is a session like?

When you arrive, we will help you with any styling questions you may have and we'll give suggestions based on any accessories that you bring. We will help familiarize you with the process and what to expect.

One of the best parts is that you get to see behind the curtain for how the process is done and the magic is revealed right before your eyes. You will see as the image turns from a negative into the positive, finished piece of artwork you will take home and hang on your wall. It's a really special experience and there is nothing quite like it!

When are you available?

Sunroom Analog is available in Portland on a regular basis and has occasional pop-up events in Seattle. Shoot us a note to schedule in Portland or get on the list for another event!

Typical sessions in Portland last 45 minutes and focus on creating one amazing plate. We will make two plates in that process.

We also offer longer sessions. These are our favorite and can last anywhere from one and a half to three hours depending on your needs.

Shoot us a note for more info.

What size tintypes do you offer?

We offer tintypes and ambrotypes (on glass) from 4x5 inches all the way upto 11x14 inches.

Giant 11x14 plates are known as ultra large format and are truly a breath taking experience. The level of detail and tonality is something that can not be matched with modern digital photography. They are a one of a kind work of art.

Rates range from $175 to $595 for stand sessions. Shoot me a note to inquire about longer sessions.

Book a private session OR get on the list for our next pop-up!

Traveling studio - Sunroom Analog

Kathryn and Lucas have been devoted to learning and modernizing the 1851 art of wet plate collodion photography. They will be offering pop-up portrait events. If you would like to sign up, just click on the link of planned events or use the sign up link bellow. If you are interested in hosting an event or scheduling a private session, use the link bellow to shot us a note!

Seattle and Portland Tintype photographers Kathryn and Lucas.

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