Traveling, we realize that each step in life is our home.

After eleven years in Seattle, I decided to try spending winters in the sun. For the last two years my amazing girlfriend Kathryn and I have headed south for winter between shoots. We are in Seattle every couple of weeks in the cold months and then return to the Pacific Northwest full time in the spring, summer and fall. I feel so lucky to have her as my travel companion and partner. We feel lucky to be living this lifestyle! This is a little of what we have seen and experienced.

On the road with my best friend

When Kathryn and I met, we had no idea we were going to change each other's lives. Almost instantly it was that feeling of really being seen, of being deeply understood. Our connection has been so unique and strong, truly beyond words! Both of us are very aware that life is short, and we want to live life fully. To us, that means following our joy and doing as much good and as little harm as we can in the process. We are trying to live simply and consume less. On a daily basis, we cultivate mindfulness, compassion, taking chances, and learning to remain present for the good and the bad.

I started my wedding photography business in 2006 in Seattle. I was coming from a career as a photojournalist for newspapers and I had the idea

of shooting weddings in the summer and having time to travel in the winter.

The reality was that building a business and taking good care of my clients takes a lot of time. Ten years later, I hadn’t traveled much and I was getting a little tired of the dark rainy winters in Seattle. I decided to take a risk and I gave up my rad photography studio and apartment in Seattle. In the fall of 2016, I bought a slightly used Sprinter van that had been converted into an RV by a little Canadian company, and drove south to find the sun.

It’s been year and a half! It’s been quite a journey already. We have seen and felt so, so much! But it’s not the #vanlife you see on Instagram. It’s real, and amazing, and stressful, and everything in-between. Traveling like this makes you either suffer or become a better person. Often both. :).

I’m a long-time zen practitioner and Kathryn has a lot of overlap in this area. We have a daily meditation practice that really helps keep us grounded and present for life. Or at least we try our best for that.

Going forward, we hope to make more friends and grow our businesses around the country. We hope to give back and eventually teach some of the techniques for life that we have been learning. One of the hardest parts of traveling has been being away from friends and the sense of community that they bring. Friendships and community are definitely something we are actively trying to cultivate.

Kathryn and I want to connect with people in Seattle and all around the country. I’d love to hear from you!

With beloved you,
I sit face-to-face all day,
Talking quietly,
If I must quit my life now,
I leave no regrets behind.

What was the best thing that happened to you today?

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