David & Scott // Seattle wedding on Skansonia

On a sunny day high in the Four Seasons, David and Scott had smiles ear to ear as they readied themselves for their wedding.  Almost like it was planned, the Blue Angels buzzed by the window.  It’s very likely that they are the best dressed couple I have photographed in quite some time, and to say their tuxes were meticulous is an understatement. After bow ties were tightened, we headed to a rad little bar in downtown Seattle so they could get a proper cocktail to start things off.  The MV Skansonia on Lake Union has one of the very best ceremony views in the city and made a perfect backdrop for vows and a raging party late into the night.

Wedding design – Coco + Kelly
Floral – Rusty Blackwood
Food truck –Sam Choy’s Poke
DJ – DJ Rizz
Photo Booth –321 Foto
Tuxes – Hickey Freeman
 Skansonia_wedding-001 Skansonia_wedding-002 Skansonia_wedding-003 Skansonia_wedding-004 Skansonia_wedding-005 Skansonia_wedding-006 Skansonia_wedding-007 Skansonia_wedding-008 Skansonia_wedding-009 Skansonia_wedding-010 Skansonia_wedding-011 Skansonia_wedding-012 Skansonia_wedding-013 Skansonia_wedding-014 Skansonia_wedding-015 Skansonia_wedding-016 Skansonia_wedding-017 Skansonia_wedding-018 Skansonia_wedding-019 Skansonia_wedding-020 Skansonia_wedding-021 Skansonia_wedding-022 Skansonia_wedding-023 Skansonia_wedding-024 Skansonia_wedding-025 Skansonia_wedding-026 Skansonia_wedding-027 Skansonia_wedding-028 Skansonia_wedding-029 Skansonia_wedding-030 Skansonia_wedding-031 Skansonia_wedding-032 Skansonia_wedding-033 Skansonia_wedding-034 Skansonia_wedding-035 Skansonia_wedding-036 Skansonia_wedding-037 Skansonia_wedding-038 Skansonia_wedding-039 Skansonia_wedding-040 Skansonia_wedding-041 Skansonia_wedding-042 Skansonia_wedding-043

The powerful love between David and Scott resonates within these breathtaking photos going beyond what any could words describe. Phenomenal portraits of their special day immoratalized, surrounded by their loved ones all captured by your lens. Beautiful and stunning.

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