Category: Vanlife

Vanlife travel is a big part of life for Seattle photographer Lucas Mobley.  He is based in Seattle, but spends the wintermonths in the Southwest and Baja in his sprinter van.  He is documenting his journey on his travel instagram account, @fallingintowonder.

Travel photography

Living #vanlife allows Lucas the unique opportunity to see parts of the United States and the Southwest that few people get to see. He has been expanding his work as a travel photographer.  These days Lucas loves being outside and photographing people and nature.   So, traveling and vanlife has been a natural fit for him.

Moving onto the road

In the fall of 2016 Lucas bought a used Pleasure Way RV. He was all set and headed out to travel vanlife on the road. Because he is a photographer, seeing new sights is important to him. The southwest is now one of his favorite places.

In the winter, he is in Seattle every couple of weeks to photograph couples, weddings and evens. Lucas spends the summers in Seattle full time and chases the sun in the Southwest in the winters.  He also photographs elopements and winter weddings in Sedona.