Category: Albums

Wedding albums are one of the best parts of hiring a professional photographer for your wedding.  Lucas Mobley Photography offers a large variety of beautiful handmade wedding albums and prints.

Why wedding albums are important

Many people don’t make great use of their wedding photos.  They post a few on Facebook or Instagram but they keep all of their remaining photos on a hard drive.  Now, I get several emails a year from past clients who upgraded computers and lost their wedding photos!

Albums and photo books are the BEST way of making use of your wedding photos. I remember reading an article about the possibility of our generation loosing most of our photos and books!  This is a real possibility. It turns out the best way to save your wedding photos is in a photo book or prints on your wall.

Printed photos will also last for generations.  How I’m going to print photos is one of my favorite parts of photographing weddings and events.