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LGBTQ weddings are the same as all weddings. Love is love. I’ve been a wedding photographer in Seattle since 2006 and have photographed more than 250 weddings. About a quarter of those have been same sex weddings.

My favorite wedding and engagement photography

This is a collection of Journal posts from my favorite LGBTQ weddings and engagement sessions in Seattle.  If someone asked me what is different about same sex weddings, I would answer “Not much.”. People are people. We all fall in love and live our lives.  Who we fall in love with is different for everyone.  I think if you watch people, it easy to see when people are in love.  And the specifics of gender and age and all that stuff are just not that important. For photography, real moments are what make the best images. I don’t care to much about who people are or who they love.  I just want to photograph how they feel!