Carla & Stephan // Burning city love

Carla has been a good friend of mine for quite a few years. When she met Stephan, to was clear that they have one of those rare and remarkable connections that brings brightness to everyone around them. It has been wonderful to see how they have folded their lives together. How they have used their differences and similarities in harmony to bring more strength and growth to each other. The teenager inside Stephan loves making Carla squeal with laughter.

Carla is an accomplished pastry chief in town. Her business, Honey Crumb, makes some of the best wedding treats around.  Carla is well known in the Seattle wedding community, so she was able to hand pick an amazing group of vendors to help Stephan and her have a heart felt and amazing wedding.

Eleanor from Bash & Bloom knocked the flowers out of the park. Eleanor’s husband Matt has a killer food truck, Wood Shop BBQ. His brisket, no words! Jojo and Isaac from Bamboo Beats set just the right tone for the evening.  Tamara from Simply By Tamara Nicole orchestrated the day with a smile and a laugh.

It means a great deal to me that Stephan and Carla want me to visually witness their day.

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