The 15 best places to propose in Seattle

Choosing the best place to propose in Seattle is an important question! Now that you have taken the leap and decided to propose in Washington the next steps can be a bit overwhelming and nerve-wracking, but they don’t have to be. I have compiled this information on where to propose as a guide to help with some of the decisions ahead of you.

What makes a good wedding proposal spot?

You have decided to propose, you have talked with your partner’s parents and your partner, everyone is on the same page. That is a great place to start! The core of a good wedding proposal is authenticity and sincerity. But why not have some fun with your proposal? The location and the ring are the next two big decisions. Let’s talk about the first one of those.

We are lucky, in Seattle we have great views around every corner. Here is a list of some of my favorite easy to access proposal locations in Seattle.

Seattle proposal locations.

These proposal locations are all within the city limits of Seattle. Saying which option is the best place to propose in Seattle is very subjective but these are all great options!

#1. Olympic Sculpture Park

#2. Golden Gardens

#3. Kerry Park

#4. Washington Park Arboretum

#5. Discovery Park

#6. On a rooftop in downtown Seattle!

best places to propose in Seattle

Mountain proposal locations – Washington state proposal locations.

Are you thinking your partner might enjoy you popping the question in nature? Washington and Seattle have some great proposal options that are easy to get to. All of these locations are within an hour’s drive of Seattle, not taking traffic in to account.

#1. Franklin Falls

#2. Gold Creek Pond

#3. Rattlesnake Lake

#4. Snoqualmie Falls

best places to propose in Seattle

Adventure proposal locations that take the whole day.

These are tremendous and amazing proposal options. Think mountains, oceans, and epicness! Better block of the whole day, maybe two. But what is more romantic than a getaway with a proposal?

#1. Big for ice caves – Mt. Baker

#2. Diablo Lake – North Cascades

#3. Sunrise – Mt Rainer

#4. Ebby Landing – Whidby Island

#5. Roche Harbor – San Juan Island

best places to propose in Seattle

What is important about choosing a good proposal location?

The location you choose will be one of the big memories you and your partner have from your proposal. You will remember this day for a long time! The smells, the sounds you hear, all of these experiences of life will stick with you both. Also, the location will determine a lot about how your pictures look! Wouldn’t it be great to have a photo of your proposal to hang on your wall? So choosing the best location is important!

How to choose a photographer for your proposal?

Let’s face it, planning every detail of your proposal is a lot! The right photographer can help. They will have been to many proposals and will be able to walk you through the intricate details of what is good to do and what is not.

Even though the photographer may be basically invisible when you ask the question, picking the exact spot and timing makes them a partner in your plan. Often they will actually choose the spot, texting you a map pin! Because you will be coordinating together, it is important to choose a photographer that you connect with. These are important pictures!

How much will proposal pictures cost?

In Seattle, experienced photographers will average $800-$1500 to help you plan your proposal and to capture pictures of the big moment. Typically a good photographer will also encourage you to spend an hour or so after your proposal for a mini adventure engagement session.

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