Anika & Ken // Under falling water

Anika and Ken can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other and it’s awesome!  They have a warm playful way of connecting with each other.  For their engagement session we headed to Franklin Falls and after enjoying some Moscow Mules we started up the trail.  There are some killer spots along the trail to the main falls and we wanted to see if we could get into a little trouble along the way.  I have to say, they are champs!  We climbed down some cliffs that would have made a mountain goat nervous. It was great day, I hope you enjoy their photos!
franklin_falls_engagement-001 franklin_falls_engagement-002 franklin_falls_engagement-003 franklin_falls_engagement-004 franklin_falls_engagement-005 franklin_falls_engagement-006 franklin_falls_engagement-007 franklin_falls_engagement-008 franklin_falls_engagement-009 franklin_falls_engagement-010 franklin_falls_engagement-011 franklin_falls_engagement-012 franklin_falls_engagement-013 franklin_falls_engagement-014

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