Amy & Dave // Twilight at Big Four Ice Caves

I’ve been waiting a little while to share these photos from my good friends Amy and David’s mountain adventure.

Check out the epic 1905 ruins from Old Fortson Mill. I’m pretty sure they are the first couple to be photographed there. Their session was also just featured on Ever Ours. It’s worth taking a peak there also. Amy is also a great photographer and I’m honored to be photographing her wedding this fall. I just spent much of the last week with them at a photography workshop in California and it was crazy awesome! Pretty sure their wedding is going to be one hell of a party!

big_four_ice_caves_adventure-001 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-002 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-003 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-004 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-005 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-006 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-007 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-008 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-009 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-010 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-011 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-012 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-013 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-014 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-015 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-016 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-017 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-018 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-019 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-020 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-021 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-022 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-023 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-024 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-025 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-026 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-027 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-028 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-029 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-030 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-031 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-032 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-033 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-034 big_four_ice_caves_adventure-035


ahhhh love these photos–you are amazzzeballs and love these two people!!! magic made all around!!! great images!!!

Oh man, Lucas, these are just incredible, and we are so excited for our turn. x

Rie Tamura Timmerman

mind is blown. These pics are ahh-mazing

Absolutely awesome!

Awesome! Love that last b+w.

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