Amy & Charles // Floating into this moment

Seattle in summer is a sight to behold. We joke that we should keep this quiet and let people think it rains here all the time.  West Seattle is said to get even more sun then downtown.  For Amy, Charles and their pup Orvis, this held true.  We spent a wonderful evening relaxing and exploring.

I love when couples and I take the time to get comfortable and connect on a deeper level.  I can only capture what couples are willing to show me, so authenticity is really a collaborative process. Capturing realness is what keeps me enjoying photography and striving to capture better images.

“We watch a sunlight dust dance,
and we try to be that lively,
but nobody knows what music those particles hear.
Each of us has a secret companion musician to dance to.
Unique rhythmic play, a motion in the street we alone know and hear.”


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