What to wear for engagement photos

Deciding what to wear for engagement photos doesn’t need to be stressful.

I’m not a fan of the term ‘engagement photos.’  In our culture, the thought of engagement photography seems stiff, unnatural and awkward. Even thinking of a photo shoot can be a bit intimidating. So for now, let’s shift our thinking about the term engagement photos and start thinking about this session as an Adventure engagement. Hopefully this does not carry the same baggage with it.

Instead of thinking about a shoot, let’s plan an amazing Adventure for you and the person you love most in this world.  The world can be chaotic and crazy at times. We are here because in the middle of everything, you met each other. You love each other enough that you want photographs to remind you, your friends and your family of how much you two care about each other. So let’s plan an Adventure that is worthy of all that!  That way we can just have fun and I can capture moments much more naturally.


So what should we wear?
#1 Wear clothing that makes you feel like you!

Wear something awesome that you feel great in.  My photos are about capturing you and your love having an amazing time, so choose clothing that makes you feel confident, free and alive!

#2 Bring options

“I couldn’t decide on my favorite outfit from Rent the Runway!  So, I ordered three to choose from.”  When you hear this at the start of a session you know the photos are going to be off the hook! Not everyone goes all out like that, but bring 2 or 3 options and we can decide what is working on the fly.  A good starting place is to bring dressy and less dressy outfits and vibrant and less vibrant choices.

What to wear for your engagement photos in the Pacific Northwest Mt. Rainier is one of Washington's top engagement locations/

#3 Stay in your home

Sometimes less is more.  Some of my favorite sessions have started at couples’ homes. Staying at home to capture your favorite routine, cuddling on the couch, cooking dinner or enjoying a glass if wine is a great idea!

#4 Go over the top

Wearing elegant clothing in the mountains can be off the hook!  The natural landscape can contrast with a dress or sport coat that is often not seen in a natural setting.  It’s also just a lot of fun to go all out in nature! Conformity is the destroyer of creativity.  Dress for the way you want to feel!


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To sum things up, great engagement photos are about you having an amazing time and connecting with your love!  The most important part of photos is choosing clothing that you feel great in.  Plan on bringing a couple of options and don’t hesitate to go all out!


I’d love to hear about your plans; use the link below to continue the conversation.


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