10 reasons to have your tintype portrait captured.

Kathryn and I just spend a weekend capturing images at our tintype pop-up, Portland-based Sunroom Analog. Tintype photography has been a passion alongside my wedding photography for the past year and a half. It is really a unique and inspiring art form! I wanted to share a few thoughts about why tintypes are so damn cool! It was really fun to shoot two recently married couples, it felt like the beginning to merge my wedding photography and the tintype process.

#1 – Tintype photography can be romantic!

#2 Tintype photography is timeless, my parents still have an 1853 portrait of my great-great grandfather!

#3 A tintype maternity session is a perfect way to document bringing a new life into the world.

#4 Tintypes can capture your wedding portrait!

#5 Getting a tintype with your bestie or twin is awesome!

#6 Tintypes don’t have to be dated and stiff. Smiling is cool too!

#7 – Have your tintype captured because your in a band and it’s rad!

#8 Tintype photography goes beyond what we see on the surface every day. The process of wet plate collodion photography captures mostly UV light, so it shows you and a way that we don’t see every day!

#9 Tintypes are awesome when you are a photographer and you get to be on the other side of the camera!

#10 Who needs a reason? Tintype portraits are just cool beyond words!

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