seattle wedding photography by lucas mobley
Seattle wedding photography by Lucas Mobley Photography
candid same sex seattle wedding photography on a roof in downtown.
An engagement and wedding photography session at sunset on Mt. Rainier.


Real words from my clients

Carla and Stephans elegant wedding at Escala in Seattle

Carla & Stephan

Lucas photographed our wedding in Seattle six weeks ago, and took our engagement photos back in July. My husband and I had known him for several years before this, as a friend and as an industry professional (I'm a pastry chef and have worked with Lucas on half a dozen weddings so far). When the time came for us to choose and book a photographer for our own wedding, there was only one choice, and we're still patting ourselves (and Lucas) on the back for our excellent judgment.

Lucas is a shining star to both of us. He has a wonderful philosophy about photography that really resonates with us, and he is both a great observer and a really good listener. His natural curiosity, idealism, and introspection have all combined to help him create images that not only capture the beauty of ordinary life, but also have the power to transport you to another world and another time. All of the photos he's delivered to us have knocked our socks off.

Downtown party wedding in a Seattle wedding photography gallery.

Kayla & Ryan

I should start by saying that I am extremely unphotogenic and generally can't even hold it together in front of a camera, so the fact that he got more than one picture of me looking nice is some sort of photography miracle. And there were a lot more than one!

Lucas fit himself into our entire day and got pictures of every part of it without ever being intrusive. There are pictures from moments where I didn't even know he was there.

He found the cutest Seattle bar for pre-ceremony pictures, which are some of my favorite ones. Lucas was a pro at handling family dynamics. (My husband's uncle and grandpa are speaking for the first time in years because he calmly corralled them into a photo. I assume family reconciliation is not part of the package, but it did work for us.)

The pictures themselves are incredible. They are just gorgeous. When I showed my coworkers, one of them begged her daughter to fire her wedding photographer and hire Lucas. They're that good.

Best of all, when I look through our pictures, I feel like I'm reliving every moment of our wedding day, which is everything I could possibly have hoped for.

Seattle wedding photography on the Hood Canal

Rachel & Jimmy

Holy moley, our wedding pictures rock!

Jimmy and I decided to meet Lucas after looking at his online gallery- we fell in love with the candid emotions that he seemed to capture as well as the way that he made people look real rather than staged. We met him at his quaint studio and after 4 hours of talking about everything else but photography, decided that we needed this guy in our lives. His philosophy is that good pictures come from good times; therefore, photoshoots are purposeful- either over happy hour, a walk in the park, playing games. None of that stiff, staged nonsense.

Not going to lie, other than, you know, deciding to get married and paying for catering, this was the third biggest investment of our wedding. When we were crying with joy after seeing our beautifully captured day, we felt it was money worth spent.

Same sex wedding photography in Seattle

Raymond & Brad

Lucas was absolutely wonderful to work with. From the very beginning, he made us feel like long time friends, and made sure we were comfortable. Not just the wedding day itself, but the whole experience from the first time we met, to the exchange of emails back and forth, to our engagement photo shoot, to the viewing of all the pictures was absolutely spectacular.

Photography is one of the most expensive pieces of a wedding, and although we were a bit hesitant in the beginning to shell out what we did when we could of just hired a friend who is a photographer, there is a big difference between that and a wedding photographer. We didn't tell him we wanted any specific shots, yet there was not anything that he didn't capture! He is also a wonderful person, I hope that our paths will cross again in the future!

Wedding reception on San Juan Island at Roche Harbor

Kyle & Laura

Lucas is the best! He did our engagement and wedding photography and we couldn't have been happier. Lucas also just did photography for our company and the results were awesome. Not only is his work great, but he's a joy to work with. He's funny, nice, and does a great job capturing moments—nothing feels forced and it shows in the photos. And he knew how to tie a bow tie, which totally bailed me out on my wedding day.


Love & vanlife

My amazing girlfriend Kathryn and I love to travel. We are both photographers, red heads, and adventurers! Seattle is our home but we shoot all over the country, and spend part of the year in the Southwest in our Sprinter VanRV. Kathryn and I would love to connect and photograph you along the way, or at home in the Pacific Northwest. Send me an email to inquire about availability, pricing, or just to share your story.

Kathryn Stevens and Seattle wedding photographer Lucas Mobley in Joshua Tree National Park.

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