Best images of 2013

My entire life I’ve been a photographer. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about pictures, talking about pictures, dreaming about pictures and creating pictures.  I’ve searched to understand what makes a good image and why I am drawn to certain images.  I’ve found that in trying to understand photography, I became more curious about my subjects and the world around me. In trying to understand the world around me, I started to become more aware of the glasses through which I viewed the world.  The questions I asked seemed to get more and more personal, until the journey of understanding became about understanding myself.

I believe I’m an idealist.  I search for an illusive and perhaps impossible goal: To capture the perfect moment in perfect light.  Years ago I sat in a packed hall as Sam Abel reminisced about the “Photographic Life” and his years working at National Geographic.  He spoke of how his standards of photography got higher as he became more experienced. And after decades of shooting, he felt even further away from his ideals of creating flawless images.   To him, his most meaningful image was a quiet, beautifully composed black and white of his father holding a pile of laundry after his mother had passed. His father’s posture was heavy, weighted with sorrow.  The image was sad, yet beautiful.

I believe the most meaningful images come from my feeling of connection with the people I photograph. It is said that normally we react to all external phenomena of the world in one of two ways: By grasping after it, or by pushing it away. In a sense, photography allows us to do neither. Wu Wei.  It allows us to simply view the world, as a witness.  Its beauty and its pain. To not look away.

In 2013 I saw a lot of beauty and joy. It was a busy year, and I shot more weddings and engagements than ever before. Take a look; I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  • Kat Speyer

    on March 6, 2014  8:41 pm

    Dude, you rock!

  • Katie Ford

    on March 6, 2014  9:06 pm

    SO lovely!

  • Gena Schirer

    on March 6, 2014  9:19 pm

    Wow. Speechless. You are amazing.

  • Alex Rubin

    on March 6, 2014  9:29 pm

    Boom! Great moments!

  • Katie Aweida

    on March 6, 2014  10:35 pm

    Bravo. :) Beautiful.

  • Teresa Hufford

    on March 7, 2014  3:25 am

    Simply wonderful!

  • Daniel Berman

    on March 7, 2014  8:17 am

    Lots of great stuff in here Lucas. I really like your choices.

  • Sarah Hart Morris

    on March 7, 2014  2:57 pm

    Wonderful work!

  • Allison Omlin

    on March 7, 2014  4:15 pm

    These are all amazing!

  • Barbie Hull

    on March 10, 2014  4:17 pm

    Gorgeous!! So many beautiful images, amazing moments and SUCH perfect light. Great work my friend!!

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